May 20, 2012 – Temptations!

So, I’ve had 2 events recently that provided a test of my desire to stick to the diet. #1 was a pot luck at a friend’s house. She was kind enough to make us something she knew we could eat, plus we brought stuff we knew we could eat. None-the-less, chips, salsa, desserts, etc… made for a need for strong willpower. In the end, I was a good girl. I did have a dish with tomatoes in it (a food that I think I ought to avoid). Within 20 minutes or so, I was sore. It only lasted a couple of days, and I was better. I successfully avoided milks and grains.

Today was a different matter. It was an appreciation picnic for volunteering at my son’s school. We went, and it was ALL yummy processed foods… hoagies, chips, cheese balls, cake. The only think I could eat (besides some dried out vegetables that looked yuck) was some fresh watermelon. Although it wasn’t my favorite thing, I ate 2 pieces, and we left early. Oh, and I ate 1 yummy plain potato chip. Shhhh! Thus far, no side effects! I’ve decided that food events with people I don’t know will be hardest. There just wasn’t anything we could eat there, and hard to explain to people who don’t know you.

Anyway, my special treat of May thus far was on Mother’s Day. I got pancakes for breakfast! The closest to bread that I’ve had since January, my husband found a recipe for almond meal pancakes. They had a bit of an eggy flavor to them, but were absolutely divine! Add some fruit on top, bacon, and fresh squeezed juice…. a great Mother’s Day treat!