October, Yes, October

I haven’t written anything since June! Agh! I guess it’s time for an update. I had a major setback. On July 23rd, I was feeling fabulous until…. I took my son to the water park. I carried a raft on my head multiple times. Not smart. I got my neck out of alignment (as happens frequently). Then, I went on a 2 week vacation, then school started back up. Still, my neck was not back in alignment, I was taking ibuprofen, I drastically slowed down my exercise program, and I was having mild RA pain. I stopped the ibuprofen in early September and immediately flared MAJORLY. The doc wanted me on prednisone, but I refused. I held fast to my diet and 8 days later, the flare passed on its own. That never happened before, so a weird accomplishment.

I started physical therapy and found out I had weak ligaments in my neck. There is another ligament, not easily testable at C1 (that’s the very top of your spine) that may have been shifting and causing spinal cord compression (very very bad). I had xrays done, and it was ok. The PT got me back on a good course, and I “graduated” last week.

My exercise routine is a mess, and I’m trying to restart it. I work on a Pilates reformer, which I started 2 years ago in exercise rehab. I now have one at home. My PT taught me some stronger core positions, and it’s a lot harder restarting. My tummy muscles hurt!

In my hunt for probiotic answers, I posted some questions on a Paleo website. The answers I got were that some people have a hard time starting probiotics and need to start them more slowly, typically doing better with foods rather than supplements. Just yesterday, I restarted the supplements, as I really don’t seem to have a taste for the probiotic foods. So far so good.

Thus far, I’ve lost 32 pounds (44 from when I started my exercise program). My inflammation markers were still normal as of 2 weeks ago. I went from a size 16 to a size 8, pushing a 6. My energy is better, but definitely decreased with the lessening in my exercise program.

I am currently at a crossroads. I want to restart exercise rehab, but I worry I need more help than that program is able to give me. I want to find a Pilates Reformer class, but there aren’t any near me. It helps me to have somebody to check in with, but right now, I’m flying solo. I think that’s fine in the short term, but if I fall off the bandwagon, I need good people to help me get back on. Again, time will tell.

That’s it for now!