RA – Cleaning the Floors Just Got Easier

Ok, I make a sucky housekeeper.  On the days that I work, the dishes pile up, then I run them all through the dishwasher on days that I’m off work.  If you want to see my house in good condition, better call ahead (the further ahead, the better).  And you know what?  I try really hard to not care (within reason) that my house is pretty messy.  I do care though, especially when my family comes to visit.  No offense you guys, but you’re judgy!

Cleaning the house sucks a lot out of me.  Washing windows, wiping counters, etc…. for any length of time does my hands, wrists, and sometimes right up to my shoulder and neck in.  I don’t sweep my floors.  I vacuum and Swiffer them.  I have a lightweight vacuum that does a fair job, and seems to be more effective and less stress on my joints than the broom and dustpan (especially since I lost the ability to squat 10 years ago).  This only works on our linoleum and faux wood.  Our bedrooms, stairs, and hallway are carpet, and that necessitates the heavy vacuum, which really can do me in.

Two weekends ago, we had my son’s 10th birthday party.  Well, actually, parties.  He had a Friday night sleepover with 4 boys, then a 2:00 PM party on Saturday with the family.  I cleaned for days, and actually felt ok until Saturday night.  Then, I felt AWFUL for a couple of days.  Ugh.  It probably wasn’t all just cleaning.  There was cooking, little sleep, and a few days later, kidney stones.  I’m sure it all contributed.

Saturday night after the parties, my neighbor came over and told me about her new contraption, the Roomba.  She had a friend who had a large hairy dog, and she was convinced to get one after seeing how well it did on her friend’s house.  I’ve seen them before, but they’re so expensive, and I wondered how effective a vacuum that size could be.  Well, she convinced me, and I convinced my husband.  Yesterday, we went out to Costco and bought a Roomba (one of the cheaper ones, yet still more money than any other vacuum we’ve purchased).  I charged it overnight, woke up this morning, clicked a button, and told it to clean my downstairs.  And it did. And it was wonderful.  I did a little Swiffer wetjetting over the top of it, and it was great.  I am actually impressed.  Of course, I’ve only had it for about 24 hours, but it did a fairly good job, definitely took a load off of me, and I’m completely satisfied with the job it did.  I don’t know about its longevity, but time will tell I guess.  My aunt and uncle got one 12+ years ago, and it’s still going.

Anybody else have a Roomba?  Does it help?