Meat! It’s What’s for Dinner!

So, I’ve seen research recently that says red meat causes inflammation.  Well phbbblt!  I eat it anyway.  The difference is that we buy grass-fed beef, which has more (not lots, just more) Omega 3s than conventionally raised cattle (who typically eat corn).  Omega 3s are the good fats that research says we should be eating more of.

We just started buying beef this way the last year or so.  Thus far, we’ve bought 1/4 of a cow, then 1/2 cow, and today 1/4 of a cow again.  We buy it from a farm about an hour away.  The farmerette was diagnosed with ankylosing spondilitis decades ago.  She has been in remission for decades and only eats meat she has raised and organic food.  I like her a lot!

So, for the weak at heart or vegans, you might want to stop reading here.  If ok, read on.  You’ve been warned!

When you buy meat this way, they charge you by the preprocessed weight.  They lop off the poor cow’s head and feet, then weigh him.  You pay on 1/4 of that starting weight.  The skin, bones, and a lot of the fat get removed, the meat gets cut or ground, and you take home what you get.  We pay 67 cents per pound for the meat to be processed (paid on the preprocessed weight).  We also pay the farmer per pound on the preprocessed weight.

Our first 1/4 of a cow was 176 pounds preprocessed weight.  We got 58 punds of ground beef and 58 pounds of steaks, roasts and such, totaling about 116 pounds take-home weight.

Our second 1/4 of a cow was 200 pounds even.  We got 125.91 pounds of take-home meat.  This is how it broke down (and this obviously varies):

56-60 lbs ground beef (they only labeled 1 package, and they’re between 2 – 2.15 pounds)
10.79 lbs of tbones (6 steaks)
4.79 lbs sirloin (4 seaks)
5.4 lbs of ribeye (4 steaks)
11.86 lbs of ribs (4 pcks)
1.11 lbs tenderloin (2 steaks)
5.97 lbs brisket (2 roasts)
5.51 lbs arm roast (2)
0.91 lbs tri tip steak (1)
7.69 lbs chuck roast (2)
1.69 lbs eye of round roast (1)
10.64 bottom round roast (3)
3.45 sirloin tip roast (1)
Total: 56-60 pounds ground beef (I went with 56.15 pounds)
69.76 pounds of steaks and roasts
125.91 total pounds

Here is what it looked like before going in our freezer.  There are 4 nets/bags in 1 medium cooler and two 18 gallon totes:

Do ya feel all edumacated now?

Hmm, what’s for dinner?  Fish!  LOL


UPDATE:  This is a list of what we got from a new 1/4 of a cow.  It’s a lot more…. 227 starting weight with 139.81 take home weight.  There is a break down in the chart attatched.

Beef 2014 Feb

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