Paleo – Thyroid Eye Disease

In one of the Paleo books I read, it recommended taking before and after Paleo pics of yourself in minimal clothing.  So, fresh out of the shower the first day of Paleo, I put on an old heinous swimsuit and had my husband snap a photo.  10 months or so later, I had him take another.  Part of me would love to put up the whole picture on each one, but truly, I am embarrassed!  Even now, at 135, I’m not proud of my body.  Perhaps that’s something I need to work on in my own head.  Media has destroyed the idea of beautiful, hasn’t it?

Anyway, I was looking at the pictures today.  Even though I had my glasses on in both pictures, you can see a huge, absolutely enormous improvement in my thyroid eye disease.  Although my TED was considered mild, it certainly was bothering me.  Basically, Thyroid Eye Disease commonly occurs when you have Grave’s Disease (autoimmune hyperthyroid, which I also had).  Mine developed several years after Grave’s.  If you google images of TED, it’s horrible.  It reminds me of those squeeze dolls where you squeeze their bellies, and the eyes bug out of their heads.

But here I thought Paleo hadn’t made a big impact on my eyes.  To me, they still look buggy compared to pre-disease.  On occasion, they still cause a little discomfort.  I think it’s safe to say they’re doing better though.  I cropped my heads out of my Paleo pictures.  See what you think.

First picture, left, taken January 9, 2012. Second picture, right, take November 21, 2012.

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