Paleo – How I’m Doing

Well, there’s a lot to chat about here.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I started breaking out in hives around March sometime.  After 2 different doctors (general and dermatologist), it was recommended I see an allergist.  Well, I still haven’t done that.  To be honest, I’m getting tried of the doctor drama and no answers. It’s probably the wrong thing to do, but I started to try to fix it on my own.  I’ve been reading a lot about high histamine foods, and many are fruits (as well as balsamic vinegar, which I eat a lot of and is “off the charts” high).  Anyway, I’ve cut back drastically on those foods, and bingo, I think that’s my problem.  My hives are totally gone, and my itchiness is sometimes gone, but  sometimes mild-moderate. I think bananas are a huge problem, as is almost any fruit in excess (dang it, and I LOVE dehydrated mango!)

As I got my hives under control, my RA became slightly more active.  It’s kind of been that annoying active.  The kind where it sucks to get out of the bed in the morning, and you feel like you’re doing everything in a frustrating slow motion.  Then 1-2 hours later, you’re fine and wondering what the deal is.  I could simply take an ibuprofen and be completely fine as soon as it kicked in (and not have this AM issue hardly at all), but I know that ibuprofen works like grain or dairy or white potatoes and messes my whole system up.  If I take it 2-3 days in a row, I’m a total mess for at least 3-5 more days.  If I’m desperate to have a good morning, I take one.  This has happened maybe 3 times.  Otherwise, I’m toughing it out.  I’m sure there is something I’m missing, and I will figure it out.  It’s just going to take time.

Here’s the cool thing.  I have every faith that I can figure this out.  With as strict as this diet is, it’s given me a new sense of control I’ve never had before.  I have this sense of “I did this to myself, and I can undo it.”  Is it true?  Maybe, maybe not.  Still, it’s how I feel, and how I’m moving forward.  If you’re interested in this diet, talk to your doctor!  I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advice!  But I’m sure you know that…. I just have to repeat it when I’m talking medical junk!

On my list of things to try:

Get strong again (I got lazy in my workouts and am trying to get back into them, but I’ve gotten weak).

Eliminate coconut milk (dang it, and I just found c.m. ice cream!) to see if that is impacting me.

Get more veggies in my diet (I’m not a fan of raw vegetables, and don’t cook as much in the summer.  If I’m not eating fruit/enough veggies, am I getting enough vitamins and minerals?)

Be more consistent with taking my vitamin D.

I strongly believe that 1 or more of these things is likely going to get me back where I was a few months ago.  If not, I can always try COMPLETELY giving up sugar, but ugh, that would be tough!  I don’t wanna go there, but I will if I need to.

I was doing so well at my last rheumy appointment, that he said I didn’t have to go back for 6 months.  I typically see him every 3-4 months.  I almost wish I was seeing him now.  He’d want to put me on another med, and I’d probably refuse, but I wonder what my inflammation markers look like right now.

Ok, enough for me.  It’s late.  It’s the 4th of July!  Hope ya’ll sleep well!  Good night!

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