Paleo – Feelin’ Skinny

Minus 50, Feeling Skinny

I have to go shopping.  I’m tired of my clothes literally falling off.  Complaining about that might be considered bad taste.  Sorry.

Hey, I think my flare is about over.  I think the culprit is a combination of things… coconut milk ice cream… (%^**&%R^I%”:!!) and not exercising.  I’ve been so bad about exercising, but finally got back into it a week ago.  That’s helped.  I’m worried something in my newly found yummy coconut milk ice cream is causing a problem too.  I hope it’s not coconut.  Maybe chicory root?  I’m not sure what that is, but I’ve seen it in Paleo cookbooks and thought it was likely ok.  I could still have a problem. with it.  We’ll have to put it to the test.  White potatoes are a root, and I have issues there.  Sweet potatoes seem ok for me, but I read recently that folks with autoimmune conditions should peel the skins.  I’m not sure of the reason.  More investigating.  Later gators!

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