Adapting – Camping

Well, I had planned to make my first adapting post about my hands, but given the timing, I decided to talk about camping (aka, we just got back from camping in Leadville, Colorado, elevation slightly over 10,000 feet.)  This was a great trip!  Cavan got to spend time with his cousin, aunt, uncle, and grandparents, and our little puppy, Luna, got her first camping experience.

Not all of my camping experiences have been great.  My first one with my husband’s family was when Cavan was about 7 months old.  I was flaring horribly, barely walking, and not prepared for the adventure.  We had to borrow a tent, which was low to the ground, and nearly impossible for me to get in and out of.  I was challenged to lift my feet high enough to step over the door threshold, and immediately had to crouch upon entering, something I couldn’t do. I don’t remember how or if I changed my clothes the whole weekend, as I couldn’t stand up to change.  We slept on some small part inflatable/part foam mattresses, and I needed a lot of help getting up (actually, I’m surprised I’m not still stranded up there on that mattress 7 years later).  We also cooked all of our meals while up there from scratch.  That completely did me in, and I really never wanted to go camping again after that.

Camping was a big part of my husband’s growing up, and it continues to be an important time with his family.  It was important that I be able to go, but of course I was flaring bad enough for long enough that it just wasn’t a priority for me to figure out how.

My mother-in-law, about the sweetest person you’d ever meet, nudged us along.  For Christmas, she got us a giant tent.  I could completely stand up and dress myself in the tent.  It was big enough we could put a chair in there in addition to all of our other stuff, if I needed it.  There were times that lifting my feet up over the threshold was still challenging and led to tripping and pain, but with a hand held or something stable to hold onto, that was much easier.

Our tall roomy tent, able to accommodate a chair along with our mattresses, if needed.

For the next year, my mother-in-law got us an inflatable mattress.  This is the be all, end all, queen of inflatable mattresses.  It inflates tall enough that I can stand up from it.  It does take a little effort still, but I can do it on my own.

Thick mattresses. I can get up on my own.

This year, I spent 2 days preparing almost all of our food before we left.  The meat (for the group) was smoked at home ahead of time, wrapped in foil, and was easily tossed on the campfire for heating up.  Our breakfasts and lunches were prepared and put in the cooler.  They simply needed to be taken out and eaten (Paleo style breakfast skillets including sweet potatoes, onions, sausage, bacon, and seasoning and  Paleo style honey mustard chicken with various fruits, nuts, and snacky camping stuff.  I even made Paleo graham crackers to be able to partake in the smores!)

Even if you feel awful, it’s hard to not give your son the opportunity to do this in the mountains with his cousin….

Cavan scootering at 10,000 feet

Or this…

Thankful that Grandma and Grandpa took Cavan out on a kayak!

Or see this…

Turquoise Lake, Leadville, CO

Plus, everybody needs to wake up feeling cold and looking like this….

Snuggles near the fire... Luna, shivering in the cold morning

Ok, I really will get to hands soon!  Happy summer!

– Lori

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