Adapting – Push Up Handles

I’m finally getting to my first adaptation for my hands.  Sometimes you can find adaptations that don’t involve medical equipment (cheaper and easier to find).  This is one of those items.  One of the first things I lost (then gained back, then lost again) is the flexibility of my wrists.

My lack of wrist flexibility, worse on this right hand than my left.

Shortly after diagnosis, my job involved sitting on the floor working with preschoolers (and obviously getting up from the floor).  At the time (and I imagine a more natural way to get up) I used my hands to push up from the floor.  When my wrists didn’t bend, sometimes I would have to keep my wrists straight, make a fist, and push up on my knuckles (probably not the best thing to do and sometimes painful).  When my husband and I got married, this was still my mode of getting up.  He came up with the idea of push up handles.  It was brilliant and got me several years of easier up-downs from the floor (now more impacted by my knees than my wrists).  For around $20, push up handles are available at most sporting good stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods (  By the way, don’t google “Dick’s.”  It’s so NOT the sporting goods store <sigh>.

Here’s a picture of mine.  Note that I don’t need to flex my wrists.

Push Up Handles, available at most sporting goods stores, make it so you don't have to bend your wrists to get up from the floor.

There you have it, adaptation #1.  Anybody else try these?

– Lori

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