Paleo – Weirdness to Weight Loss

So, I’m not sure how Paleo works for other folks, but for me, it’s bizarre.  I will go a long time without losing any weight, then seemingly out of nowhere, I’ll drop 5-10 pounds in less than a week.

Yesterday, I had the most bizarre day.  I was starving all day long, which is very unlike me.  I also ate all day long…  a lot, yeah, a lot.  And not so good for me on the sugar front either.  Here’s my best recollection of what I ate:


  1. Bacon, 2 slices
  2. Eggs, 2 with lots of pizza seasoning on them
  3. Fresh squeezed juice (kale, collard green, apple, carrot, blueberry)
  4. Date bar


  1. Half of a raspberry chocolate bar (a REALLY big chocolate bar)
  2. Another date bar (did I mention they have no sugar, but are 200 calories?)


  1. Leftover roast
  2. Cherries
  3. Half of an apple


  1. Half of a raspberry chocolate bar
  2. A bunch of pistachio nuts
  3. A bunch of cinnamon-sugar almonds


  1. Roasted cauliflower:
  2. Bacon sweet potatoes:
  3. Leftover roast, a big honkin’ chunk, which I ate like a cavewoman!


  1. Yet another date bar
  2. More chocolate

Yesterday morning, I weighed myself at 137, and this morning (after eating all that food), I was 135.  And I didn’t exercise.  Not a bit.  And I drank tons of water, just to try to not feel so hungry.  What does that mean?

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