Adapting – Soft Hand Splints

Ok, for my hand history, see this post:

That post will help these splints make sense.  Here they are in all of their glory.  I know they were still making them 3-4 years ago.  This pair is pretty worn out, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing them when I need them!  If I can find out the company who makes them, I will post it in the comments.  I think they made 3 sizes.

Soft splints for wrists, hands, and keeping my middle finger aligned.

I had a certified hand therapist (slightly different than an occupational therapist) recommend these splints when I was coming off my initial diagnosis and flare and onto the calm that was Enbrel.  Because I was struggling with keeping the tendon of my middle finger from sliding off, these splints had strips that were designed to go around the ring finger (apparently more problematic for most RA patients), but we used them for my middle finger (didn’t make a middle finger version).  This made a big difference with my grab and release activities, and my tendon would stay in the right place.  These splints also significantly lock my wrists into a straight position, a comfort during a flare.  With these splints (which I still use during repetitive heavy lifting activities), and great therapy (which also included exercises, paraffin wax baths, ultrasound… yes ULTRASOUND on my #1 joint of my middle fingers, and my splints), my hands are quite functional.

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