Adapting – Customized Hard Splints

For a history on my hand issues, see this post:

Custom hard splints. I can cinch down everything, so nothing moves.

So, these suckers are amazing.  I have one for each hand.  They were custom made by an occupational therapist about 5 years ago, and the white plastic was heated and molded to fit my hands.  There’s cushioning that’s customized to fit between my fingers, keeping them in appropriate alignment.  My wrists can by cinched down tight to the hard plastic, so they don’t bend at all.  My only complaint is I think my thumb is opened too far, and after a while it gets uncomfortable.  That can be adjusted (remelted and moved) by an OT if I go back.  So far, I’ve only had to use these a few times, but I was so thankful that I had them when I did.

Custom hard splints. Note the cushioning between my fingers to keep them aligned.

Last view…

Custom hard splints. An adjustment I'd like in the future is to move my thumb closer the the palm of my hand.

Anybody else have these or need them sometimes?

– Lori

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