Day 8

My initial intent was to write a post every day, but it just hasn’t happened. So, here is a grand update….

As of this morning, I have lost 8 pounds. Yes, 8 pounds in 8 days… a bit freaky! my favorite meals have been fillet minon, salmon salad (baked salmon with olive oil and dillweed, broken into flakes on a red/purple salad mix with homemade dressing and lemon juice), and some concoction we have yet to name which included chicken, sweet potato, and pineapple cooked in coconut milk. Yum!

I am trying to work on the pilates reformer every 2 days, which has been going ok.

In terms of how I feel, I realized I was a bit dehydrated (getting dizzy on standing a few times), so have increased my water intake which helped immediately.

My skin seems tons more hydrated/oily, but not in an acne sort of way. I’m less itchy.

I am seeing possible RA improvement in both hands, particularly my left. My knees, although still stiff, are tons better than earlier this week.

I am unsure if the swelling in my eyes is improving, but they’ve seemed less dry the last 2 mornings.

One gross, but good thing… I have had chronic plaque on the back of my bottom 2 front teeth that I can’t ever get to stay gone (dentist thought it was my meds, would scrape it off, and 2 days later it would be back). It has shrunk significantly and is almost gone.

Chris has also lost 8 pounds (now down to 140 pounds). He has noticed some changes in his mouth, and he looks younger, partially as he’s lost weight in his face, but also because his skin appears more youthful.

We’ve eaten out a few times, which means we’ve sort of cheated. I’m sure we weren’t eating grass-fed beef, but we did eat beef and veggies. I’m sure they were cooked in some oil of unknown goodness, but we avoided the gluten (as far as I know) and the dairy. Hooray for us!

Hoping for a good second week and more excitement. I have a doctor’s appointment at the end of my 30 days. Should be the perfect time for an RA workup.

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