Paleo – Hunger Autopilot

So, I goofed.  We all do it.  I don’t work in the summer.  I get off schedule.  I get LAZY!  I had no food prepared in the house and little to even scrounge up.  So, I took my son and ran a zillion errands all day on an empty stomach, preparing to make grocery shopping our last stop.  By the time I got home, I was a blibbering idiot.  I can’t say I was hungry or shaky or anything, other than I WANTED FOOD!  I was running on autopilot.

Because I got some port chops (something I’ve never bought before) to make a recipe in my new OMG That’s Paleo cookbook and the pork needed to marinate for an hour, my husband kindly whipped up some warm arugula salad (arugula and bacon… how awesome is that!)  Feeling better, I whipped up dessert:  We were eating the blueberry crisp before the chops even made it to the grill, and now the whole pan is gone.  I think I’ll make more tomorrow and maybe the next day and…. well, it was good in a very non-guilt sort of way.

You know, I need to learn to love to cook.  How do you learn to do that?  I have a coworker who loves to cook (especially smoke meat, which is how we wound up getting a smoker last month).  Anyway, he cooks all the time, freakin late at night (who STARTS cooking dinner at 10 PM?).  I guess people who like to cook, uninterrupted (kids in bed) cook at 10 PM.  I’m in bed at 10 PM, most of the time, except in the summer when I’m crazy, disorganized, and shopping on an empty stomach.  Hmm, 9:16 PM…..


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