Adapting – Edema Gloves

So, I thought that I only had one more post on hand adaptations, but it turns out I have two!  I would have forgotten about these little babies, except I hurt my knee.  Yes, my knee.  I keep overdoing it on the flippin Pilates Reformer, so bad that this morning I needed to put a knee brace on for a few hours.  Of course there, stuck on the velcro of my knee brace, were my edema gloves!  Ha!  Another hand adaptation post!

Edema Gloves, keep the swelling down in my hands

I got these edema gloves when I got my hard splints, during stint I had with an occupational therapist around 2007 or 2008.  They were one of those things that I didn’t know I needed until I needed them.  Basically, they’re good for keeping the swelling out of your hands.  Given I’ve lost 51 pounds, I dare say I might need a smaller pair.  I don’t think these are tight enough now, BUT they still do work, especially when swelling wants to creep in.  You do have to be careful though.  If you’re too swollen, they can dang near make your hands turn blue (ok, yeah, no near about it… one day my hands were blue!).  I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do then… take them off I suppose.  Swollen hands are better than blue hands?  You know, I always think of these questions when I’m no longer seeing the person who could answer them!

Anyway, I tend to wear them at night on occasion.  If I’ve had a bad RA day or better yet, if I did something stupid with my hands that I know I’m GOING to have a bad RA day tomorrow (you know, like paint the garage, shovel dirt in a wheel barrow all day, or something REALLY stupid like wash the windows). I put the gloves on and sleep in them.  They don’t keep all the swelling out, but they keep some. Wait, who wants a bad hand day in honor of clean windows?  Yeah, you’re a sicko!  Or your family is coming to visit, in which case you’re partially forgiven!

Edema Gloves - Can you wash them in the washer? What if they shrink? Does it matter if they shrink? Why don't I ever think to ask these big questions? Or why doesn't it come with washing instructions? Hmm... Am I a help at all?

These were ordered (with input on correct size) through an occupational therapist.  In other words, I recommend you talk to one to make sure you get the right size and instructions.  And find out how to wash them.  And come back here and tell me!

Love to all!



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