RA News – Using Your Own Cells to Treat Your Disease

I like the idea of using my own cells to treat my own condition.  I would like to think that means less side-effects, but who knows?  I wonder what the risks are, the timetables (we remove your cells, treat them, then give them back).  What are the risks if you accidentally get cells that belong to somebody else?  Is there a test to make sure they’re healthy before they get re-injected?  And biggest yet, in my mind, what is the cost?  Currently biologics seem to be running around $2,000 – $4,000 per month.  If they could get away with only treating every 6 months, could they keep the costs under $12,000?  This line of thinking is good, but I’m still looking for science to go further back in the chain of disease.  Why aren’t our suppressor T cells working?  Let’s fix THAT!



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