Paleo – That Funky Smell

You would think not much could ruin your Paleo lifestyle.  You buy food,  you cook it, you eat it.  Let me tell you a story.  It’s a story of how to ruin a Paleo lifestyle.  It’s a story of meat.

We bought 1/4 of a grass fed cow a few weeks ago.  See this post: We still had a lot of meat in the freezer before buying more, but timing being what it was, we opted for more, lest we run out.  Our church is having a bbq this weekend, and we decided to donate the burger, being we had tons.  A kind woman from church stopped by to pick up the burger (she’s also Paleo, and we rant and rave about our burger).  My husband went to the basement to get some out of the freezer, and well…………..

We had shampooed our carpets 2 days before, and there was this funky smell in our house that I think we were attributing to wet carpets.  It had been unusually humid, and they took 2 days to dry rather than the typical 4 hours.  So, my husband is yelling up from the basement that there’s a big problem.  Oh $R$#^)O!  Initially, we thought the freezer door got left open, but upon further inspection, the back of the freezer cracked, yes CRACKED.  All of our meat defrosted, and there was bloody stinky oozy nastiness all over the basement floor, including under the freezer and under big heavy metal shelves piled with stuff so they’re not easily moved.  Am I painting a stinky picture here?  Bloody, stinky oozy waves of meat goo were all over our basement floor (which is thankfully cement).

That was a lot of meat.  It cost a lot of money, and now we need a new freezer to boot.  It’s been a very sad day, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to get meat again any time soon.

I need a hug.


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