Paleo – Cholesterol

Ok, I eat meat.  I eat a lot of meat. We keep a freezer stuffed with beef (when the freezer doesn’t break and melt all of our yummy meat).   I eat eggs, bacon, sausage, pork, chicken, turkey, beef, and fish.  Probably a little heavier on the bacon than I ought to.

You might think I’d have a problem with high cholesterol.  This is far from the case.  Now, I wish I had the results from my cholesterol test 3 years ago, before I was Paleo. I should try to get a copy from my doctor.  I remember the choleterol was in the 140s (which is good).  I also remember my triglycerides were getting high, and I believe 1 more point would have had me too high.  When I went Paleo, I had my cholesterol done 3 months into the diet.  I had it done again last month.  These are my results:

Cholesterol (under 200 is good)
2012: 147
2013: 141
Triglycerides (under 150 is good):
2012:  74
2013: 40
HDL (good cholesterol, higher than 40 is good):
2012: 44
2013: 52
LDL (bad cholesterol, lower than 100 is good):
2012: 88
2013: 81
VLDL (as I understand, also bad cholesterol, only tested in 2013, 7-32 is normal):
2013: 8

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