Day 19

Day 19 rocks.

The bad: my neck has been out of alignment for days now, and it’s been driving me crazy. I haven’t lost any more weight.

The good: my neck seems to be back in alignment today, but still sore. My flexibility has had huge improvements. My hands are looking better. I am sore when I try to see how far I can bend my knees and hips, but they seem to be bending further than in a long time. My swelling, although still coming and going, appears to be slightly better every day. There’s times when my skin seems to be “hanging” on my fingers (aka, my fingers are much thinner than typical). I’m having periods of typical fatigue, but my better times seem much better. Sometimes I feel like I could run (a long lost skill), but I’m not there yet.

Gosh, I hope these improvement aren’t all in my head.

We went to Chili’s for dinner. I had fajitas without the stuff… basically steak and onions. Yummy, but very salty.

Chris is still supporting me. He’s mostly following the diet, with occasional alcohol and Boost.

Until later….

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