Day 20

It’s almost too exciting to think about…. my RA being in remission through diet. I still don’t know what’s going on, but it appears to be something really great. My inflammation is noticeably decreased. Even my right hand is now showing big improvements. I got a few more degrees of range on my knees. I was able to get down from standing on the reformer without a step stool. I was able to sit on the step stool and get up by myself, using the counter.

My knees are doing strange things, unfortunately they’re things that hurt. I dare say my tendons and such are having a hard time keeping up with how loose my knees have become. The joints don’t hurt, but the surrounding tissues seem to crackle, pop, and occasionally get very painful for a few minutes. I think that might be good.

It’s almost too much to think about…. too much to wish for…. what if……?

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