Day 32 – The Doctor

Well, hopefully this is all good news. I saw my doctor, told him about my diet, and he thought it was fine for me to continue with it. He spoke to the positive research around fish oil for RA. My blood pressure dropped, now 105/75. A year ago it was around 135/90, but had been steadily dropping the last several months before the diet. This may have been due to my thyroid creeping up, and I note my BP is higher the lower my TSH number is. My TSH is low now though, so this is exciting. The last time I had labs was 7 months ago. Here are my comparisons:

C Reactive Protein (inflammation marker):
Was 2.9, Now 1.3 (under 1.0 is normal)

Sedimentation Rate (inflammation marker):
Was 35, Now 28 (under 20 is normal)

Vitamin D
Was (unknown, but low). Now: 26 (above 30 is normal)
Planning to get that up a little more. I’m trying to take 2000 IU of Vitamin D a day, but I know sometimes I forget and only take 1000.

Kidney and liver functions all normal.
TSH 0.81 (thyroid)

The doc noted my joint count was the same (aka, I currently have the same 3 knuckles on my hand that are puffy, but I know 1 of them is significantly less so).

He didn’t see any reason to change my current course of action. With that said, we noted my best CRP in the last 5 years or so was 1.2 in July 2008. I think my best sed rate was 19, and I am still well above that. It’s a goal.

Now, starting 3 days ago, I had a little square of chocolate each night. No milk, no gluten, but it did have sugar, obviously. After my test results, I had 5 little squares, and this morning am a bit sore. I did have a good workout last night, so it may be my workout or a sugar/chocolate issue. Time will tell. I intend to eat chocolate the next few nights, then stop it again to see what happens. I have to have SOME kind of cheat!

More to come.

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