Day 48 – Eggs

Yesterday, I reintroduced eggs into my diet. 1.5 scrambled eggs with bacon! Yum! We got high omega 3 eggs from the local organic farm. Within 2-3 hours, I was unable to move my neck/head. I am hoping it was just coincidence and that I perhaps injured my neck from a workout 2 days previously. 2 ibuprofen took care of it relatively well. Today, my neck feels pretty good, but not quite back to normal. I will try eggs again later in the week on a day I’m not working.

Other than that, I continue to do well. Alternating my feet on the stairs is still going well, although it seemed slightly worse yesterday after the eggs. I am trying some new challenging exercises on the reformer, basically doing the same resistance, with 1 leg instead of 2. My left leg seems much weaker than my right, something I had not been aware of. Hopefully this will help equal them out.

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