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We’re going on a vacation!  Not a little vacation, like local camping and such that we typically do, but Disney World.  Yes, we’re going to see Mickey Mouse, with my husband’s side of the family.  But how do we stay true to Paleo?  It’s requiring a lot of planning, but it will be worth it to keep my RA in check.

For starters, I’m bringing back an old staple that we used to eat all the time when we first started Paleo, but I probably haven’t made it in a year…. jerky!  I make jerky out of ground beef from the grass-fed beef we get.  I have struggled to find flavoring for it that you can taste after it’s dehydrated, but so far mustard (GOBS OF IT) seem my best flavoring.  I use a jerky gun (yes, there is such a thing) to make the ground beef into jerky strip shapes.  I dehydrate it on the highest setting, then cool and freeze it.  Supposedly it doesn’t need to be cold for a while, but given that it’s raw meat, I feel better keeping it frozen as much as possible.

Ground beef jerky, with loads of mustard, ready for dehydrating

Ground beef jerky, with loads of mustard, ready for dehydrating

I’m also packing Kit’s Organic Bars, dehydrated mango (store-bought), cinnamon coated almonds, tea, and Stretch Island Fruit Co fruit strips (think fruit roll without all the bad stuff, I hope).  Sometimes I make my own fruit roll, but this is more convenient for traveling.  Given we’ll have a kitchen where we’re staying, I may make Paleo banana pecan pancakes, freeze them, and try to take them with us.  With the bananas, they’re sweet enough to go without syrup, unlike my other go-to pancake recipe (gingerbread pancakes), which I love, but I really only like with some maple syrup.  Other than that, I think we’re chancing it and eating in the park.  I’ve researched a bit, and I think it can be done.  If not, well, maybe I’ll lose a few pounds!




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