Paleo, RD, & Vacation

Wow, what a week!  We made it through Walt Disney World, and my rheumatoid was a NON-ISSUE!  I can’t believe it!

I worked a half-day on Wednesday, then we flew to Florida, arriving at our hotel around 10:30-11:00 PM.  Cavan got sick on the first night, awaking at 4:30 AM with a significant fever, so bad that he didn’t want to go to Disney!  Ugh.  My husband and I found a pharmacy, loaded up with over-the counter meds, and a short time later, he was good to go. 

Day #1 was Epcot.  There were 5 of our group of 8 (my husband’s family) that went.  It was hot (upper 80s.low 90s) and MUGGY!  Unfortunately, we got there late enough, due to my son’s sickness, that we weren’t able to get on many of the cool rides we wanted to go on, but we still saw many things, ate a cool dinner at Germany’s Biergarten, and made it home at a respectable hour.  I ate mostly meat at Biergarten, combined with food we had at “the family condo” and stuff I made at home and brought with us.  My rheumatoid disease, despite a ton of walking, was FINE!

Day #2 was a double whammy.  We went to Magic Kingdom all day (all 8 of us), arrived early, hit many rides, etc… and had a good time.  The park closed at 7:00 PM, but we bought ticket for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which allowed us to stay until midnight.  I think we started heading out around 10:30, but it was another hour or so before we got home.  Still, it was a great time, with no rheumatoid issues even with the late night.  I ate pretty well, sticking to my diet.

There a bat on that mouse!  Or is it Batman?  Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

There’s a bat on that mouse! Or is it Batman? Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Day #3 we planned to go to the beach as a relax day.  I had been concerned my body would poop out after a late night, so we planned little activity this day, and I thought I’d be plunked at the beach.  As it turned out, I felt great, but the rest of the group (only my husband, son, and I stayed out for the Halloween piece) were exhausted and wanted to stay at the hotel.  So, we did a little swimming, then decided to go to Downtown Disney for dinner at Rainforest Cafe.  I wish we hadn’t done that part.  We had to park about a mile+ away.  The walking was fine except it was stinking stinking stinking hot and muggy.  That walk, from a heat perspective, sucked the life out of us.  We thought about going into Magic Kingdom for the evening, but after that walk, my husband and I decided we wanted the nice air conditioned condo, so home we went.  Still no RA issues despite an upset tummy after eating at Rainforest Cafe.  I’m not sure what didn’t agree with me, but it had no impact on my RA, just my intestines!

Day #4 took us to Universal Studios Island of Adventure (just the 3 of us).  I am a Harry Potter addict, and this park significantly fed my addiction.  I had a couple of little cheats here (ok, I had 2 Butterbeers).  No issues RA-wise, so I assume no gluten or dairy, which I think are probably big problems for me.  I felt like a I had a bit of a sugar buzz, but it was worth it!  We stayed until the park closed at 7 PM, then back to the condo.

Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks... would LOVE the real recipe!

Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks… would LOVE the real recipe!

Day #5 took us back to Magic Kingdom with all 8 of us arriving at different times.  The park was quite busy this day, and we had to stand in lines a lot longer than a few days prior.  While we anticipated this to be the case, it made for a less exciting time for our son.  Given the great time we had at the Halloween party (and knowing they were having it again on our day #6), we got tickets for it, knowing we’d probably have less lines.  Day #5 was a little tougher on me.  I don’t think I ate enough for breakfast, had 91 degree humid temps, had some “girl issues”, and just about passed out in early afternoon as the food places were so busy and we couldn’t find anything to eat that didn’t involve a long wait.  I eventually got a frozen lemonade with tons of food coloring and corn syrup, figuring it might make me worse in the RA department.  I can’t believe it didn’t, and I felt better after having some calories in my system.  We had a longer day (park was open until 9:00 PM). Home we went, feeling rather good still.

Day #6 took the 3 of us to Hollywood Studios.  We got a bit of a late start, as we were tired, and my son was still fairly sick.  We figured we wouldn’t get to see much at Hollywood, given we arrived about 2 hours after opening.  That proved to be the case, but we saw a few things, then went back to Magic Kingdom, being allowed in the park at 4:00 PM with our Halloween passes.  This proved to be a great time, and we were able to get on many rides with minimal to no wait time.  I will say you can only do Big Thunder Mountain Railroad only so many times before you want to vomit, but my son LOVED this ride.  This being our last night, we stayed in the park until closing at midnight, and loved every second.  Taking the ferry back to our car, my husband and I spoke at length of how well I held up.  We took a trip to Disneyland in CA 2 1/2 years prior (and pre-Paleo).  I had a really hard time, had to sit a lot, and could barely walk by the end.  This time, I was doing better than my husband was, no limping, no pain, and still some degree of energy left.  In all fairness, my poor husband mostly got stuck carrying the heaving backpack.  Still, my body held up, did great, and we were both shocked and amazed.

What I ate:

Breakfasts were at the condo and were various degrees of scrambled eggs, bacon, banana-pecan pancakes, and shakes (coconut milk, collard greens, bananas, and frozen blueberries).

Lunches were either snacks (jerky made at home, dried fruit, date bars, nuts) or food we bought in-park (turkey legs, half chickens, or salmon)

Giant turkey leg, or is it a hippogriff?  Island of Adventure, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Giant turkey leg, or is it a hippogriff? Island of Adventure, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Dinners and lunches tended to be a combination.  We didn’t typically eat 2 meals, but rather 1 lunch/dinner meal and snacks.

My cheats:

  • 2 butterbeers
  • 2 frozen lemonades with corn syrup
  • any number of things I bought could have had paleo no-nos on them (salmon, chicken, turkey), but I tried the best I could

My RA:

  • No significant issues to report in-park
  • Mild issue with my left knee when I tried to walk too fast.  Keeping a moderate pace made it fine.
  • On the plane, after walking for 6 days, my body didn’t like sitting still.  It was a 4 hour flight home and sitting still that long after all that walking made me a little sore.  After getting moving again off the plane, I was fine.
  • It is now 2 days since I’ve been home.  I took a 25 mg shot before we left for the trip.  My prescribed dose is 2 shots/week, although my doc supported my weaning off to one every 1-2 weeks.  It has now been 9 days since I’ve had a shot, and I am starting to feel like I need one today, so will take one.  I took one with me on the trip in case I needed it, but I didn’t.
  • I took a total of 3 ibuprofen on the trip, mostly for my neck, which got bounced around a bit on the rides, and due to my “instabilities” it was hurting a bit.

I can’t say enough good things about this diet.  I think my body kept up as well or better than other on our trip (and they don’t have autoimmune issues).

Cavan got pushed REALLY hard, given how sick he was.  His asthma didn’t kick up at all, which was amazing given how hard he was coughing.  We had him at the doctor’s office immediately after our plane landed, as he was still quite sick and we pushed him pretty hard (but not beyond what he wanted to do).  He had a chest xray, and all was well (they worried about pneumonia due to a pain in his side, but his lungs were totally clear).  He took and extra day off school and was pretty good upon sending him off this morning.

2 thoughts on “Paleo, RD, & Vacation

  1. Wow! I left Disney not once, but twice in a wheelchair that I did not come in on!
    I am soooo happy for you! I think I’m going to think about giving the paleo stuff a shot.

  2. So sorry that happened to you, Andrea, but hope you give Paleo a shot…. 1-3 months. It’s at least worth a try! Then you can evaluate and see what happens. What amazed me is that we went previously to Disneyland, and there were rides I didn’t go on, as I feared I wouldn’t be able to get off. And there were some rides where it was challenging to stand up and get off. Not this time. It seemed so easy, I’m still in awe!

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