Food Security – Least Harm Principle

I’m up to Episode 64 of The Paleo Solution podcast (downloads free from iTunes, and if you can tolerate all the Crossfit talk, the nutrition and autoimmune information is spectacular).  At about 37.5 minutes in, a woman wrote in with a question of Paleo and sustainability, something I think about a lot.  Anyway, the answer was long and complicated, but went into comparing the environmental damage from Veganism (ok, they  think Vegans are all going to die sick and young).  They talked about Least Harm Principle, basically meaning that grain/crop farming kills just as many animals as meat-eating in terms of lost animal habitat, death of mice, gophers, rabbits, worms, etc… that live in fields.  When eating meat, you have the death of the animal, but if done well (like grass-fed beef), habitat is minimally impacted.  If you haven’t checked out Polyface Farms, the habitat is so well cared for, it’s amazing.

The answer on the podcast was long and complex.  It really involved that yes, people need to eat meat to be healthy, and yes, we need a lot fewer people in the world to be sustainable, and yes, to eat healthy we need to stop feeding every critter grain. 

I wondered if I’m the only one hung up on sustainability or if others worry about it.  Anybody ever see where your food comes from?  Join a CSA?  Visit a farm?

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