Paleo – Eating When the House is Sick

Ugh, so EARLY Wednesday morning (1:00 AM), my husband awoke to a barfing puppy.  He put her in the bathroom to clean out her crate, and by the time he finished the crate…..  Well, let’s just say the bathroom smelled BAD.

2:00 AM, there’s a poke at my side, “Mom, I had really bad diarrhea.”

Me: “Are you ok?”

Cavan: “Yeah”

Me: “Ok, go back to bed.”

He does so, but I hear moaning the rest of the night. 

5:30 AM, my alarm goes off to rise and (just can’t put “shine” in here) get ready for work.  I go in Cavan’s room to check on him, just in time for the projectile vomiting.  I had no bucket.  Yeah, it was bad.  And it continued for 2 1/2 days.  Ugh.

Good news, although I think I have the same germ (my stomach is making very entertaining sounds), I haven’t gotten sick.

Bad news, I don’t feel like cooking or really eating after witnessing so much… yeah, nastiness.

What I ate today:


Shake (banana, coconut milk, cocoa powder, frozen blueberries, blended).  I’d normally put in some greens, but I think the 17 degree temps finally killed off my collards.


A handful of nuts and some Cuties (you know, those little oranges).


I managed to throw a whole turkey in the oven, but was too lazy to make anything to go with it.  My husband managed some sweet potatoes.

I guess that’s not too bad.  I’m sitting here thinking that I don’t think I managed a glass of water or tea today.  Hmmm.

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