To me, remission means your disease is gone. Hopefully forever. You don’t have X anymore. A better definition of remission is “your disease is still there, but we can’t detect it anymore.”

On June 7th, I had an appointment at the rheumatologist. I showed him the bloodwork I had done at the end of April, with my good inflammation markers. He said that bloodwork in combination with his exam, my self-report, and my steady (not worsening) joint damage on xray means I am in remission. WITH Enbrel, Paleo Diet, and exercise, my RA is not detectable.

Something I learned via the doc:
Of people who reach a “remission” state like mine and stop their meds:
60% are able to continue for 6 months or longer without meds.
40% need to go back on meds rather quickly
Of those 40% who go back on meds, 1/3 are unable to get their disease back under control, at least within a 6 month period.

At some point, 1-2 years in the future, I hope to decrease or stop my Enbrel. I’m not ready yet. Still, it’s great news.

I’ve spoken to a few people recently who have been diagnosed with RA. They’re all interested in the Paleo Diet approach, and I know 1 has started the diet. I hope we’re able to see similar results for them all!

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