AIP Paleo – Day 2 of 30


  • Shake (banana, kale, coconut milk, cocoa, blueberries)
  • Small piece of leftover honey mustard chicken



I knew dinner was going to be challenging, as we had plans long ago to eat out with family at a particular restaurant with homemade white potato chips.  White potatoes DO NOT sit well with me and severely irritate my RA.  I had 7.  😈

  • 7 white potato chips – #$%%^&^!!!
  • salad with everything picked off (so basically lettuce and carrots)
  • 6 oz sirloin steak
  • sweet potato fries
  • water

I’m forgiving myself and moving on.  Yes, I’m suffering for my bad choice.  Hopefully that will help me make better choices today!  🙄  Sadly, I see an ibuprofen in my future, which is another bad choice, but will help me feel better today.


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