AIP Paleo – Day 7 of 30

Today is a hard day.  I got busy and didn’t get a chance to eat lunch.  I then realized the fish that I had just bought for dinner was spoiled.  I’m hungry and quite tempted to eat an entire bar of chocolate right now (nondairy, of course).  And I just might!

A few things to know about today: It’s supposed to snow tonight, and I’m not feeling the storm coming (happy about that).  I am, however, FREEZING cold.  Does anybody else get that way?  Cold and you can’t warm up?  It was SO much better last year, and I thought Paleo was helping.  Not so much this year.  I am cold A LOT, and wear layers, and still freeze.  And my son was driving me up a wall with his homework tonight, and the fireplace wouldn’t stay lit, and the fish was rotten, and the dog peed on the floor, the grocery store was out of many of my staples that will make getting through this week challenging, and…. I’M HAVING A BAD DAY!


  • Shake (banana, kale, unsweetened cocoa, coconut milk, blueberry)


  • Didn’t really eat lunch…. a few dried pears


  • A couple of bites of tilapia and then it went in the trash
  • A few bites of leftover chicken and meatloaf
  • Carrots with honey
  • Fresh pineapple

An enormous cup of tea

And I made it with no chocolate.  Maybe it was a hurdle I had to get over.

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