Screwed something up big time!

In my pre-Paleo days, I had tried both fish oil and probiotics. Both seemed to set off my RA, especially the probiotics. When I started Paleo, I started fish oil relatively quickly and without issue. It actually seems like fish oil helps, and I will sometimes take an extra if feeling a little sore.

With the probiotics, I decided to wait until school was out for summer to try them. Good call. I was trying 1 kind that my husband and son had been taking, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything, good or bad. Sunday, I bought a different variety, thinking I would alternate the varieties every other day. I took one of the new ones Sunday. Monday I took the old variety, then Tuesday, the new. On Tuesday, I started getting very itchy, then breaking out in some hives, then I started getting symptoms like I do when I eat MSG and go into anaphylactic shock, so I quickly took some benedryl, which seemed to work. The bad part, I fell asleep from the benedryl early last night (around 8:30). I’m now awake, still mildly itchy, and mildly sore all over, moderately sore in my neck.

Likely, this is the probiotics. It could also be the fresh cherries I ate (hadn’t had them since I’ve been Paleo) or a turkey burger (less likely, as they were organic and only had rosemary on them, plus I’ve had them twice before).

Figuring this out might be a painful process!

One thought on “Screwed something up big time!

  1. September, 2014. A few months ago, I found out that certain strains of intestinal bacteria can make glutamate (the part of MSG that I apparently have issues with). It seems like probiotics are a bad idea for me. Interestingly, tomatoes, which give me hives, also have natural glutamate in them. According to Terry Wahls’ book, magnesium helps the body buffer against glutamate, so I have started taking Natural Calm (like a magnesium tea).

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