AIP Paleo – Day 10 of 30

Last night almost killed me.  You’ll see the last thing I ate was apples and cinnamon cooked in coconut milk.  Very yummy.  I got very itchy and broke out in some hives shortly after that, and I’ve been very itchy this last week (although I hadn’t had hives).  I’ve been blaming too much fruit consumption, as I believe I have issues with high histamine foods.  Here’s the problem.  Apples are low in histamine, as is coconut milk, but cinnamon is high. Here’s the big kicker: I woke up this morning with significant pain in my wrists, base of my fingers, and shoulders.  To add to it, I took a shot last night, which usually kicks in rather quick for me.  This means something, but I don’t know what.  I’ve never linked itch/hives to my pain before, but I think there’s a connection here.  Cinnamon?  Coconut milk?  Ugh, issues with either of those would be very sad.  I’d love some thoughts here.  I could probably take out cinnamon pretty easily.  Coconut milk would be hard.  Oh, and I broke out in hives before my shot, so I don’t think there’s a connection there.  Comments are most welcome!!


  • Shake (banana, kale, unsweetened cocoa powder, blueberry, coconut milk)



  • I was all set to make salmon cakes until I realized there’s eggs in that recipe, so more leftover Comfort Chicken
  • Apples cooked in coconut milk with cinnamon

2 thoughts on “AIP Paleo – Day 10 of 30

  1. I have recently felt a reaction to cinnamon as well! Mild at first, made me question, but each time I eat it I definitely feel something. And I think its getting worse. I think it might be that! Sorry for you but glad I’m not the only one cause I thought I was going crazy!

  2. Thank you, Laura! It’s interesting to be this restrictive, because you’re able to tease things apart you normally wouldn’t be able to. I’m hungry and sitting here debating whether or not to have my coconut milk shake. I think I will. If I get worse, it’ll be worth noting for sure.

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