AIP Paleo – Day 11 of 30


  • Shake (coconut milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, blueberry, banana, kale)


  • Gluten free wafer/dip of wine
  • chicken wrapped lettuce


  • dried fruit


  • Ribs
  • carrots
  • celery
  • onions

I have to be honest that I’m eating way less than I normally do, and I’m not losing any weight, which is interesting.  I’m not trying to lose weight, but am fascinated by the fact that I don’t eat as much, as AIP is making it harder for me to have food on hand (I need more AIP recipes/practice, and I’m sure this would be easier.)

2 thoughts on “AIP Paleo – Day 11 of 30

  1. I don’t usually don’t comment on things, and I actually just stumbled upon your site doing some AIP searches. I wanted to suggest a book to you if you haven’t already found it, called “The Paleo Approach” by the doctor called The Paleo Mom. Google her/find her on Facebook, she’s amazing. If you want, you can download the kindle app onto your phone/computer for free, and then buy the kindle version of the book for $10! Big steal. Her knowledge will really make the AIP process easier for you. She mentions things like the fact that chicken might not be the best thing for us AIPers to heal (although you may be unable to eat certain meats, I might just be unaware). I also wanted to be sure you were positive your body’s alright with cocoa/chocolate, as long as you’re sure it works fine for you go for it, but I’ve never heard of it being included on the general AIP protocol. I know this would take away from how filling your breakfast is, and you already seem hungry all the time, which is concerning. It was hard to give up eggs, but I find that a cup of some sort of starchy veg and 4 oz of meat formed into breakfast sausage patties keeps me satisfied for a long time. You can make a bunch of sausage patties ahead of time and freeze! Same with the veg, planning ahead makes mornings easier. I hope this might be more sustaining for you, if you can try it out. I realized that I personally had to up my paleo legal starches (squashes, roots, plantains, sweet potatoes), eat more grassfed meats/salmon, limit my sugar to one or two pieces of fruit a day, and make sure I got my daily dose of gelatin (working on bone broth). Cooking these things from scratch can seem overwhelming, but the effectiveness for AIP makes all the planning ahead worth it. It’s a tough journey to find out what your body needs, and I hope you can work it out and stick with AIP (it’s worth it!). Best of luck to you!

  2. Hi Lauren,

    I love the Paleo Mom. I follow her on facebook a bit, and intend to buy her book at some point. When I first started Paleo 2 years ago, I did wicked strict AIP. I didn’t do coconut, cocoa/chocolate, etc… The reintroductions went fine except tomatoes (and I’ll never be able to eat white potatoes…. eeks!) This time around, I was doing it for different reasons, and letting some lines be blurred perhaps (coconut and cocoa being 2 things that probably need reeling in and testing again). My main reason for doing this was to get my RA more consistent, which it had been good, but not consistent, and I was having slight swelling and pain here and there. Come to find out, my inflammation markers are still great, but my thyroid had somehow gotten quite low. My rheumy thought this was the reason for my ups and downs (my thyroid had been radiated in 2007), and it also explained a lot of other stuff going on. Basically, I think I was screwed from the get go. I am now in the process of getting my thyroid levels up (usually takes about 6 weeks, but I usually start feeling better around 2 weeks, and I’m 1 week in). I think I’m going to see how I feel then. If my RA is still not consistent, then I will revisit AIP (probably this summer). In the meantime, getting OFF AIP and just back to standard Paleo has helped a lot. I’m actually day 13 of no meds (usually take 25 mg enbrel once a week). Interestingly, I think guar gum might be an issue for me. I did stop drinking shakes about 2 weeks ago when I noted my coconut milk had changed (same brand, but was much thicker than usual. Label said it had guar gum, which I don’t think it used to have). I wonder if guar gum is problematic. Thank you so much for your comments

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