Rheumatoid Disease – Relief

Yesterday I got good news about my rheumatoid disease with all inflammation markers normal.  I thought for sure they’d be high given how bad I was feeling, and was preparing to feel “let down” for the first time since going Paleo.

I am just now starting to appreciate how happy I am that my thyroid levels were off (my thyroid will always need to be supplemented as it was radiated and killed off).  I’ve been struggling for a couple of months now with some odd things and have found myself saying to my husband, “I feel like I’ve had a stroke or something.  My brain isn’t working right.”  Today, I’m realizing how worried I’ve been that something has been terribly wrong.  My RA is still doing terrific, and I now have every hope to think that simply increasing my thyroid medication (maybe I need more because I haven’t been exercising or because the generic brand changed at my pharmacy and isn’t exactly the same medication as I had been taking?)  Either way, today I feel an enormous sense of relief.  I think in a few more weeks I should feel like a new person.  I am so unbelievably thankful and relieved!  And I guess it just goes to show that this diet really is working, and something as simple as my thyroid medication being off can have implications for my joints and a host of other things.

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