Paleo – Update

So, I had been feeling horrible (cold, not sleeping, can’t think, word retrieval problems, weak, lazy, gained 8 pounds, etc…) My thyroid (which was radiated in 2007 and no longer functions) had gotten too low.  I was feeling dreadful.  AIP was going horrible. That was over a month ago.

Where am I now?  I’m a little over 4 weeks into my thyroid med change.  My head is clearing a lot.  I can think and process again, but am still having some mild problems with word retrieval.  I’m not freezing cold. I lost 2 of those 8 pounds, I’m finally sleeping well again, and hey, I even started to exercise again!  I wonder if my exercise laziness was my thyroid falling all along.  2 more weeks, and I may go in and see what my thyroid levels are.

In the meantime, I’m not trying anything challenging.  I’m going to get to summer and see what I want to do.  This may or may not mean trying AIP again.  What I ate yesterday (hubby’s birthday week, so we’re eating yummy stuff):


  • Banana pecan pancakes with 100% maple syrup
  • Green tea (which I’m tolerating better…. had been making me itchy)


Lunch was a plethora of yummy bad things yesterday.  We went to Trader Joe’s (Colorado just had 3 of them open last month) for the first time.  Sometimes you need a place to get quality junk food!

  • Chunk of leftover grass-fed steak
  • Sweet potato chips with peach salsa (which had tomatoes in, and I tolerated them, no hives!)
  • A taste of dark chocolate
  • A taste of mint dark chocolate
  • A taste of ginger dark chocolate
  • Spicy dried mango slices
  • More green tea




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