Rheumatoid Arthritis – Overdoing It

I try to balance my posts with my ups and downs.  Sometimes I think I paint the picture too bright or too gloomy.  Still, I think it’s important to say that even though Paleo is helping me enormously, there are limits.  I encountered these limits and beyond over the last two weeks.

My husband had to travel for work.  This happens very rarely, but still left me as single mom for a week.  Bless all of the single parents out there.  It’s a ton of work!   Homework, Cub Scouts, baseball practice, dinner, dentist, puppy training.  And if that wasn’t enough, I decided to schedule a major endeavor among it all. 

Ok, it took me a while to decide what I wanted, but I finally figured out my Christmas/birthday/Mother’s Day present.  Well, I wanted new floors for our kitchen and living room, as ours were nasty and no amount of cleaning the carpet or gluing the linoleum was going to save them (believe me, I tried).  Of course it took me about 4 months to figure out what I wanted (that we could afford), so now, in April, I finally got my Christmas present!  We started the demolition the morning after my husband returned.

I am not good at these large home-improvement projects.  My husband (to save money) had said that he would put the floors in (laminate… the fake wood stuff).  Then he decided that for his birthday, he wanted somebody else to do it (PHEW!)  Still, to save money, we decided to remove the old carpet and linoleum ourselves, plus the baseboard trim needed to be removed, as the new floors are thicker than the old.  Of course while the trim was off, I had to paint it.  Then, we had to move all of the furniture. You see where all of this is going, right?  Thank God for my in-laws!  They’re good at removing carpet and carpet pad.  We got some of the linoleum up, but discovered that the linoleum was put in (with 1/4 inch wood under it) and then all of our kitchen cabinets were mounted on top of the flooring.  This meant either the cupboards had to come out or the linoleum had to be cut out.  We opted for the cutting method.  What a MESS!  And an expense, as we paid the guy who put our floors in to do that unexpected part.  Did I mention that there is 1/4 inch of dust on EVERYTHING we own?  Even the dishes in the cupboards are thick with dust. The floors took 5 days, but the dust will take a year.

To top it all off, I had a lot of helping out to do at church this last week, and by Easter, I was so exhausted and sore I was barely walking.  My left thumb is very swollen, and my feet and back are in pain.  Easter day was super busy, and sadly included me taking an hour+ nap at my in-laws, glad to just have a non-dusty space to stop and sit for a bit.  Monday it was right back to work, with no break.  Monday night (last night), I was in bed by 8:00 and today am feeling much better, but still sore.

Yes, I way overextended myself.  Yes, I need to take it down several notches and take extra good care of myself this week, and next, and probably a few after that.  It’s amazing how stress can cause so much damage to your body.  At least I see it more clearly on this diet than I did before.  Before, I would blame it on RA.  Now, I can put the blame where it belongs, on myself.  And my poor body is just trying to do the best it can with what it’s got.  I see that now.  And that’s a good thing.

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