A Day in the Paleo Life

I wonder if anybody reads this blog. Probably not. You’d be shocked about the comments I get… no real ones. They’re all spam :( It says I have 76 current comments awaiting approval. Here are the topics of the first five: setting up a home based business, something about a million dollar marketing machine, something that has random words which make no sense (starts off “Around the world maybe you are body”… what DOES that mean???), another that is only partially in English about designers, and another about canvas messenger totes. Well, I will continue to talk to myself until somebody…. anybody???…. makes a comment about RA, Paleo, something!

Ok, anyway, a day in the life of what I eat:
Juice (my traditional apple, pear, cranberry, carrot, collard green juice)
Leftover salmon cakes (SO yummy!)

Leftover turkey (my husband cooked it with bacon on top of the whole turkey breast…. yummm!)
Kit’s Organics Bar (I think it’s chocolate, almond, coconut flavor… very yummy, like a brownie…. no sugar!)

Dehydrated fruit roll…. I cheated and bought some (not sweetened)

Meatballs (my husband’s invention…. grass-fed beef and sausage)
Sweet potato fries (sweet potatoes cut into fry shape, shaken in coconut oil and cinnamon)
4 squares of peppermint chocolate

So, did I mention my run of good RA? Well, you’ve read this far….

Saturday, walked to zoo without tiring out and felt fine on Sunday. That was good because Sunday, my son and I hung all the Christmas lights. By Monday, I was still feeling great, so Tuesday, I painted the garage. Did I mention I’m still feeling well, and it’s Thursday? Eh, now ya know…. a good run!

Happy Thanksgiving!

11 thoughts on “A Day in the Paleo Life

  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your blog. Just got diagnosed with RA in Feb. 2012, but now realize I was displaying symptoms many years back. I am now in the process of going gluten free, but it’s too soon to see if it’s going to help. If not, I was thinking of going paleo instead, so am very interested to see how you are doing.

    • I tried gluten-free a few years ago. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Maybe you’ll be luckier. It would be nice to not have to do so drastic a diet change, but now that I’m used to it, I’m not nearly as tempted as I was at the start… I feel so much better that it’s almost hard to cheat. Good luck!

  2. It’s 2014 and I’m reading your blog. I haven’t taken on the Paleo lifestyle yet but tried an elimination diet for a year and found that dairy was a major culprit for inflaming the RA. After bilateral hip replacement surgery last year I drifted back into terrible eating habits and am now looking to get back on a healthier path. Found your blog through the link you posted on http://www.paleoplan.com and have been happily ready of your journey and my resolve has been growing with each post I read. I like that it’s real – your journey with it’s up and downs as this reinforces that progress is not alway straight forward. I know that already and I don’t expect a miracle cure but it is nice to be reminded that bad days or weeks even need to be seen in a wider frame if there is progress overall. Thanks. This has been marvellous – and I don’t know how many more there are yet – hopefully you haven’t stopped. Sandy from Aotearoa, New Zealand

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks for posting. I’m still here, still doing Paleo, and still having my ups and downs. Of course, I’m still doing SO SO SO much better than I had been, so I have no overall complaints. I’m still trying to learn new things. I hope you give Paleo a try. It’s only hard until it’s habit. Now it’s easy!

    Stay in touch!


  4. Hi-

    Thanks for your blog. I’ve had RA for 3 years, and am considering trying paleo! RA sucks! but I’m glad you are doing so well.


  5. It’s certainly worth a try, Maryrose! It’s made such a huge difference for me. My dad now wants me to go visit him and get him started this summer!

  6. I just found your blog today. Not sure why it’s never showed up in all my searches over the past several years. I was diagnosed with RA in April 2011. I did a whole foods gluten free diet from January to June of 2013, and unfortunately, didn’t see any difference in my RA. We’ve been on mostly a paleo/primal diet since October 2013 when my husband had a mild heart attack. I read about the Autoimmune Protocol version of paleo, and figured we should all try that, its just been hard to find the time to commit to it. I bought The Paleo Approach on how to reverse autoimmune disease & heal your body last year, but it is huge & overwhelming and I haven’t even opened it. I decided to do another google search today and put “autoimmune paleo diet rheumatoid arthritis” to see if I could find ANY one who had done the autoimmune paleo diet to help with RA instead of Crohn’s or Hashimoto’s, which is about all I’ve read about so far. I am so excited to find what feels like a “real” person’s account of remission by diet with medication. I’m planning to keep reading through your blog, but am wondering, do you feel any closer to getting off your meds? I am currently on a whole slew of them, and would like to be able to get off at least a few of them at some point. I find some of the accounts of a “cure” for RA in 6 weeks of paleo seem so unrealistic that I had about given up on even trying the even more restrictive AIP. I finally am at a level in between flares that I can think about making another huge dietary change. Eggs, nuts & seeds, and nightshades are a huge part of our diet. It will affect all four of our children as well, since I do not have the energy to make different foods for them, maybe that will change soon? After reading this far in your blog, I actually have hope! Thank you!

  7. About a year ago, I did feel like I was close to being able to get off meds. I have been able to get off Tylenol (I was taking up to 4 a day) and Advil (I was taking up to 6 a day) and cut back to 1/2 dose Enbrel. I was down to my lowest weight of 133 pounds (started Paleo at 173 pounds, but only a few months prior had been 185).

    After that, a few weird things happened:
    1 – I started (likely stupidly) worrying about calcium intake, as I was experiencing leg cramps. Within 2 weeks, I got kidney stones and a warning form the doctor… NO CALCIUM!

    2 – I was still having some leg cramps and decided to start the autoimmune protocol again (minus some cocoa powder). I got worse, not so much RA-wise, but word retrieval problems, couldn’t process information, etc… Around Feb, it was revealed my thyroid was too low again (I had it radiated in 2007, and now my meds needed to be increased). In Feb, I officially cut my dose of Enbrel in half (doctor changed prescription), but had been cutting it for several months previously. The low thyroid totally explained my symptoms, but I was baffled why it got lower, as I had dropped so much weight (dose is somewhat weight dependent). A follow-up thyroid test after my med increase revealed normal TSH, normal T4, but low T3. My understanding is that the meds you take are T4, and your body converts them to T3, which makes you feel normal. I am still on the same dosage of meds, now exploring why my conversion from t4 to t3 isn’t going well. From everything I read, inflammation seems to be the most likely culprit as to why my conversion isn’t doing well. A few weeks ago, I decided to increase my Enbrel again. I am hoping this helps my thyroid get back to normal. Then I can experiment again. I officially did 10 month of 1/2 dose Enbrel and my RA was well-controlled minus the customary “I cheated on Paleo a bit and my body knew it” things. Right now, I’m trying to get back into the habit of higher Enbrel (my pain doesn’t remind me to take it timely, so I’m not as good as I should be).

    I hope that helps! Good luck. It’s only hard until it’s habit!

    • Thank you for replying! It is such an encouragement to hear from someone who has been there and tried the same things I am trying. I have only had a short experience with RA, but it’s been completely life altering for me. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 14+ years, was diagnosed with RA when my fourth baby was 6 months old. I’m currently on cimzia, methotrexate (& folic acid), hydroxycholorquine, tramadol, cyclobenzaprine, and nifedical (for migraines). I took prednisone at first til I stopped nursing my baby. When I started biologics, I tried humira first, then enbrel, and neither worked for me. Starting the cimzia made me finally feel like I was getting my life back, I was able to cut out the aleve (couldn’t take tylenol because I already have a preexisting liver condition that the methotrexate has exacerbated) and cut back on the tramadol. I feel like I’m finally feeling well enough to tackle another huge diet change. Thank you for your blog!

  8. I should also add that I believe I have discovered the cause of my leg cramps. Magnesium deficiency. I am now taking Natural Calm at bedtime. It’s a magnesium powder that I make into a tea (started in small doses, or you’ll get the trots). At some point, I’ll make a blog post about this, as I think this deficiency is likely to have started around the same time as my RA. Interesting coincidence, and needs some testing!

    • yes, that was my first thought when I read your reply. We use Natural Calm, as well as magnesium “oil” spray, as magnesium is absorbed much better through the skin.

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