Paleo – What I Wish I Knew When I Started

I sometimes get asked questions both online and in person about starting Paleo.  It’s a big step to totally change your diet.  I thought this might be an interesting post for some.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started:

  • You’re going to be hungry the first several days.  Have Paleo more snacks available.
  • Ibuprofen causes intestinal permeability and is comparable to eating white potatoes.
  • Don’t eat white potatoes.  They’re going to cause extreme RA pain ridiculously fast.
  • You really do like the Paleo food you eat now, and you don’t crave junk food very often.
  • You don’t have to count calories, and you’re gonna lose some serious weight.
  • Milk products clearly cause you acne.
  • Your blood work is going to look so much better!
  • Your doctors are going to be happy and encouraging.
  • Your triglycerides are going to drop 100+ points.
  • You’re going to need some physical therapy because your inflammation goes down so much you have loose joints.
  • Too much high histamine food is going to cause you to itch, especially balsamic vinegar, green tea, and chocolate.  Dammit!
  • Starting with AIP was a really good choice.
  • Trying new foods you never liked before almost always ended well, including mushrooms, pecans, pork, brussels sprouts, coconut products, and sausage.
  • Just lose tomatoes.  The hives aren’t worth it.
  • Cooking is a lot of work.  Make big meals with lots of leftovers.
  • Buy nuts in sealed containers (you’ll bring home a ton of moths when you scoop your own from the bulk section).
  • You’re going to be bored with drink options.  Screw the green tea.
  • One little cheat won’t hurt you for long, but two will!
  • Bacon is awesome.
  • You will meet wonderful farmers.
  • Chocolate will make you itch, but it’s still kinda worth it!
  • Nondairy Chocolove chocolate rocks!
  • Most dark chocolate still contains dairy.  Beware!
  • You will eat a lot of bacon, and your cholesterol will go down!
  • You’re going to feel so much better, but there will still be things you need to figure out.
  • You don’t know you’re addicted to bad food, but you won’t be after a couple of months.  Your cravings will change to good stuff.


You should not expect the same results.  Each person is different and has different reactions to food.  Consult your doctor as appropriate before making changes to your diet.

2 thoughts on “Paleo – What I Wish I Knew When I Started

  1. Found your blog while searching on AIP and RA. I have RA, Celiac Disease, DH (celiac of the skin), Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and loss of sense of smell – all auto immune stuff. RA & Celiac were DXed at same time. Going gluten free has made a huge difference in the RA, and I am able to manage the RA with no meds – just PT, lymphatic drainage massage, acupuncture. Yet my weight is still yo-yoing all over the place, the skin issues are a constant battle, and the RA flares if I over-do and always with the weather changes.
    So, I am starting the AIP on February 8, when I return from a trip.
    I read your entire blog last night – I bet there are others out here reading you – keep on writing.
    One thing I wanted to pass on to you – from my experience. May help you, may not. Since I have to be extremely gluten free, I have learned that even trace a amount of gluten (say a spice that uses gluten as an anti-clumping agent) makes my symptoms flare. And the intense hunger you mentioned when starting AIP may have been your body “searching” for it’s gluten fix. This is one of the things talked about in the Celiac community – when you accidentally eat cross contaminated food, the next day or two you are insanely hungry and can’t figure out what you are hungry for. Gluten attaches to the opioid receptors in your brain – so it is your brain, looking for a “fix” of gluten! Anyway, you talk about chocolate a lot, and chocolate is another thing that is often – as in almost always – cross contaminated with gluten. For a celiac, it only takes a pound of food with 3 parts per million of gluten, to cause our symptoms to flare – that translates into a few molecules of gluten – more like a whisper of gluten!
    I don’t know if these trace amount of gluten would have the same affect on someone who does not have celiac disease – but thought it worth mentioning.
    Thanks for the blog.
    I’ve ordered thepaleomom’s book, and am excited to have something structured to try to put the next piece of this puzzle into place.

    Good luck in all you do.

  2. I would love to hear about how your thyroid eye disease has and is responding to the paleo eating. Have you seen continued improvements?

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