Rheumatoid Arthritis – An Experiment in Fasting

So, I had a weird thing happen yesterday.  I had the most exhausting day at work, came home, took off my shoes, and felt like I had a splinter on the bottom of my right big toe.  I couldn’t find anything though, so I just went on with my evening.  A few hours later, my whole right leg (foot, angle, knee) was in extreme pain, and my foot was very very swollen.  I could barely put any weight on it, so sat on the couch, keeping it elevated.  I suspected that I had been walking funny since my toe hurt.  I don’t know about you all, but I can adapt to pains like that without even thinking about it.  Even changing shoes can cause a flare up my leg by slightly changing the way I walk.  See this post.

I went to bed fearing I would wake up a mess and have to miss work.  I guess in a way, I was hoping for that to happen, as Monday and Tuesday were REALLY exhausting days at work. Sometimes you just need a break.  Anyway, I woke up and my leg was normal, but the bottom of my big toe hurt pretty bad.  The skin hurt, not the joint. It isn’t warm.  It doesn’t look injured.  It’s just really really swollen and sore on the bottom.  It’s so swollen that it’s changing how I walk.  I took a shower, woke my husband, and asked him to look at it.  I was debating staying home, knowing that my whole leg would swell if I was walking weird on it all day.

In the end, I decided to make it to work.  I only work 4 hours on Wednesdays, and I know my coworkers would really need me if Wednesday was anything like Monday or Tuesday (thankfully, it was a much better day).  To get through the day, I decided to try something I used to do quite frequently, but not much at all in the last 10 years.  I decided to fast.  Sometimes when my body hurt and nothing else worked, fasting helped.  Today, I did it more as a test.  I didn’t take any pain medication (no ibuprofen, etc…)  I did drink water, and I did take my thyroid medication. Other than that, I didn’t eat anything from about 6:00 Tuesday night until 4:30 Wednesday afternoon, almost, but not quite 24 hours. 

So, what happened?  Well, I made it through the work day.  My right ankle swelled and hurt a little, but not nearly as bad as Tuesday night.  I even made it to the grocery store after work, something my husband insisted I not do after seeing my foot Tuesday night.  I was very tired, although I’m not sure that was related to the fast.  It was the sleepy kind of tried, not the lack of energy kind of tired.  I took a nap for a little over an hour when I got home.  Amazingly, I wasn’t hungry, and I didn’t get the shakes until about 4:00 PM.  Then I was absolutely starving.  I think I have Paleo to thank for the not being starving all day long.  I’m no longer the sugar addict I used to be.  This was reassurance that my hunger cycles are very different now than they used to be.  I suspect I could have gone longer had the afternoon not been crazy.  My son has a huge project on Abraham Lincoln due on Friday, and it has to get done by tonight, as he has a baseball game tomorrow.  Sometimes, it’s like pulling teeth to get a 9 year old to get his butt moving on such a big project.  He was needing constant supervision and encouragement to keep going on the project.  I soon realized how irritated I was getting with him and how hungry I was becoming.  I wonder if I would have done better if our evening had been more relaxed.  This was not the case though, and I suddenly went from feeling fine to feeling very stressed.

So, how did I break my fast?  I made myself a shake minus the greens.  Probably not my best choice.  I was already hungry and cranky.  After the shake, I was still hungry, cranky, and cold!  2 hours later, I’m sitting here eating some plain turkey we made in the crockpot Sunday night.  I’m feeling pretty normal.  My foot is not bugging me much, but the skin on the bottom of my big toe is still very sore.  I may need to see the doctor about it, as it seems very unusual, and I have no idea what’s wrong with it.

Next time, if I can get some less-stressful days, I may try for a 2 day fast.  Supposedly fasting helps reset your immune system, and I heard something recently that a 2-4 days fast can do really good things.  http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-06/uosc-fts060214.php

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