OMG, you have to try these! The best Thanksgiving dessert! PaleOMG Apple Fritters.

My stuffing was a flop. There is no good substitute for wheat bread in stuffing. I tried. I failed. Twice.

Apple sauce, great (Granny Smith apples cooked down with ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a splash of coconut sugar).

The rest was pretty much the standard turkey affair, all good! I have to figure out stuffing…. Ugh! And Christmas cookies. I’ve got one good one for Hazlenut Chocolate chip cookies and another “thin mint” type one I haven’t tried making yet.  Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Just wanted to comment because of your post wondering if anyone reads your blog! I am reading it today. I am 16 months into an RA diagnosis. Luckily, I am seronegative and so far have no joint erosion. I have pain, but low dose prednisone plus methotrexate seem to be keeping me functional. My rheumatologist wants me to add Plaquenil, and I am not sure I want to. I have recently become interested in seeing if diet changes could help me, and am considering going Paleo. I read through all your posts and found the everyday information you shared to be very helpful in thinking about how I might do this. Books are one thing, but it’s nice to hear about a real person trying this. Congrats on sticking with it, and I’m glad it’s been a positive change for you. I’m gearing up to see if I can do it too!

    • Have you started? Keep at it. For me, iIt took longer than the 30 days they recommended… 60-75 I’d say. Good luck!

  2. Please keep adding to your blog! I’ve just made the decision to try Paleo hard core and came across your blog. You’ve inspired me! I’ve gone on it before but didn’t stick to it for long. I was diagnosed with RA 3 1/2 years ago and have been through a variety of meds, etc. I’m ready to try something different and dietary changes seem to play a key factor in RA flare-ups. I have 3 children who probably aren’t going to be too crazy with the new meal plan, so we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your story and please continue!!!

    • Did you start back on it? I’m finding so many people are doing it now (my dental hygienist, a woman at church, and now some of my friends who have seen it work for me). There are lot of good cookbooks out now too. I would recommend Paleo Indulgences, especially for having little kids. You can still make cookies, and there’s an awesome gingerbread recipe.

      • Hello!!Stumbled upon this blog a couple days ago and I alblsuteoy fricken hooked!!I tried to send you an email but this computer at work sucks and it won’t open a window with your email address! If you can let me know what it is I have questions about become successful with cross-fit how to avoid injury, etc.I have a membership at a newly turned cross-fit gym that ran mostly bootcamps before but has since become more of a cross-fit gym I have been doing the bootcamps and am super intimidated by crossfit but it looks like so much fun I am going to try a beginner fundamentals class this Friday!They sold the primal blueprint at the gym and I picked it up and am in love with the paleo lifestyle!!I am so happy I found your blog!! Love it!!Hope to connect with you via email and get some tips about starting a cross-fit lifestyle in conjunction with my paleo lifestyle!!Thanks!!Jen

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