RA- Diagnostic Test Results

I am a supporter of RA research.  I’ve been in at least 4 studies (excluding online ones).  The last two were from the same group, one in 2011 (pre-Paleo), and the other just a few weeks ago (March, 2017, having been Paleo for 5 years).  They did bloodwork, I assume as confirmation of my diagnosis.  Each time they did several tests, but only 4 of them overlapped.  I daresay that Paleo is making a big difference, as I am on a lot less medication now than I was in 2011.  These are the results of the 4 tests that overlapped:

Anti-CCP3.1 antibody (normal range less than 20 U/mL)

  • 2011 (Pre-Paleo): 401
  • 2017 (5 years Paleo): 261.7


  • 2011 (Pre-Paleo): Elevated
  • 2017 (5 years Paleo): Negative


  • 2011 (Pre-Paleo): Elevated
  • 2017 (5 years Paleo): Negative


  • 2011 (Pre-Paleo): Normal
  • 2017 (5 years Paleo): Negative

That’s got to be good, right?  I wonder how I can get that anti-CCP3.1 down!

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