Oops! Live and learn

Well, vodka isn’t Paleo. It’s a grain-based alcohol. Not that I dirnk a wot, mabe 1-2 dwinks a munth (yeah, the typing was a joke!) Still, that might explain some things. I’m not as anti-grain as I thought. Live and learn. Life goes on.

Found this website with “no grain” alcohols. Rice and corn are grains, so it’s not a 100% Paleo friendly site… and no white potatoes either, but the list is helpful!


Ok, it’s Memorial Day, and my husband and I busted our butts in the yard all weekend, mowing, trimming, ripping out shrubs, planting, cleaning off the patio, etc… I ate 2 enormous meals today, and wasn’t hungry (was actually quite stuffed). And even better news, I didn’t pitch the weed whacker over the fence (who invented those heinous contraptions with the tangling self-feeding line???)

I had this idea to try to make a skillet meal. I tried yesterday, and it was ok. Better today. This is my own lame recipe. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), sausage, bacon, sweet potatoes, onion, italian seasoning, and 2 eggs cracked over it all. It was awesome! Precooking the bacon in the microwave before adding it to the skillet helped it be crispier.

My husband made huge grass-fed t-bone steaks and sweet potatoes. I ate an entire t-bone! Plus a few squares of mint chocolate, and a DRINK.

Did I ever mention that we bought half of a grass-fed cow? We have a freezer full of really awesome beef from a woman who won’t eat meat she didn’t raise herself (she’s been in remission from ankylosing spondilitis for decades with dietary changes, and she treats her cows like pets. I’d say like family, but that would be weird). Anyway, some day I’ll have to make a post on the experiences of buying a cow! I wish we had a better source for bacon/sausage/pork.

Happy summer!

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