Your Flora

Ok, this is an insanely long article, but fits with my whole leaky gut thinking.

Maybe we’re not meant to be so sanitary after all. Would love some comments/thoughts on keeping more good bacteria in your intestines, mouth, and on your skin.

Weird day today. My RA is flaring a bit, and I have no idea why. The weather is being very strange, super high winds with brown-out conditions (winds blows dirt from the farms up into the air, and it’s like fog). Hopefully it’s just a blip, and life will be normal tomorrow. It’s not that horrible, but I had a big day, and that complicated it slightly.

The good news is that my hives have been way better the last few days. Still itchy, but no hives. I’ve been cutting back on high histamine foods and eliminated bananas for over 2 weeks now. Something good seems to be happening. I’ll be happy if I can “cure” myself of that, as thus far I’ve stumped 2 doctors and have been procrastinating on going to a third, despite the recommendation!

Take care!

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