RA – I’ve Been Outta the Loop

I’ve not been making blog posts lately and thought I should give a big update.

Life here has been quite crazy.  After about 13 year of being part-time, I went back to work full-time.  I did this for a few reasons.

  • My job of 17 years wanted me to go back to work full time.
  • I was growing increasingly unhappy there.
  • Due to increasing traffic, my once 25 minute each way commute had turned into 50+ minutes each way.

So, rather than going back to work full time where I had been, I took a closer job (12 minute commute) for A LOT less money than I would be making had I stayed where I was full time.  This has brought about its own stress, as it’s new people, new stress, and a lot less resources and time to do the same work I had been doing at my old job.  In this new position, there is a unique sense of being needed, as my skills are hard to find, and they’ve been looking for somebody with my expertise for 3 years.

I should also mention I’ve started a class in Permaculture, which takes up one full weekend per month.

So, here’s what I’ve learned in relationship to my RA and this new lifestyle. 


It is a relief to have more money.  We’ve been putting off some much needed home repairs because of lack of funds.  This helps a lot. 

The commute is much better and I’m way less stressed about being late due to crazy traffic.  I have more time than I would have had if I stayed where I was.

It feels good to know that I can do full time work.  I’ve been trusting in that for a long time, but also fearing it, as half-time work makes it much easier on my body.

My husband has stepped up with doing more of the grocery shopping.  My son has stepped up with packing his own lunches and unloading the dishwasher daily.


I’m tired at the end of the day and week.  I don’t have much to give my husband or son.  I zone out after work.

Part of me misses my commute.  I miss long opportunities to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

I am feeling very stressed, and my body is reacting poorly to it.  I’ve had some mini-flare-ups that seem to be quite correlated to stress.  I’ve been hyper-aware that I don’t cope well with stress.  I’ve been taking more Enbrel. It is hard to make doctor’s appointments with this schedule.  It is hard to find time to cook Paleo meals.  Consequently, I’ve been eating “less clean” which also contributes to the mini-flare ups.


With all of that said, I have this whole week off.  I’m cooking a bunch of Paleo meals to freeze today (soup, meatballs, and later chicken).  More to come on this topic as the year progresses.  I hope you all are well!

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