Rheumatoid Arthritis – So Much Going On!!

Well, I’ve been quite bad about blogging, so I thought I should put something out today, as I have some time. 

I did something crazy the last year.  I went back to work full time.  I’ve been working part time for about 12 – 13 years, but some odd circumstances made it clear it was time for a job change.  It was actually a significant pay cut hourly, but going part time to full time has definitely helped our financial situation. I was worried my body couldn’t do it.  I thought it could, but there’s always that self doubt.  Well, I made it through in one piece.  My RA is a bit more active.  I’ve been taking a bit more Enbrel (I was down to 1/4 dose or less, now more like half to occasionally full dose).  Stress and lack of time got me eating less nutritionally, but still following the big rules (no grains, no legumes, occasional cheats with dairy that have not been kind).  Sweetened caffeinated tea made its way in, and I’m trying (since school is out for summer) to get unaddicted.  Gosh, I’m tired!  All exercise was thrown out the window, and I’ve gotten very wimpy.  Got to work on that starting this week.  Weight has been creeping back on for sure.

On top of full time work, I took an 8 month Permaculture course (1 full weekend per month).  This was fascinating and is making me rethink all of my gardening techniques.  Our back yard is in year 1 of a probably 3 year renovation to incorporate Permaculture principles and maximize healthy food output.  Permaculture has a variety of great principles, but what I take away is it’s how to make nature work for you with as little work as possible to maintain it.  For this year, we moved all of our working garden beds (annuals) closer to the porch so that there is easy access to them (more likely to go and pick my favorite foods, if they’re right off the porch).  Further out in the yard we will have perennials and fruit trees, things we don’t need to plant every year and just need to harvest once or a few times.  Makes sense, right?  Keep things further out we don’t need to get to as often.  That’s more of year two.  We also got baby chicks 3 weeks ago.  In addition to giving us eggs at some point, they eat bugs, mow my lawn, give me fertilizer, and are generally kind of cute.  Well, except Minerva. I’ll tell you about Minerva later. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more and do some videos on this Permaculture thing.  Paleo drove me here.  We’ll see where it goes.

I hope you all are well!  Take care!

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