Being Natural – Plants

So, in my attempts to be as natural, environmentally friendly, and healthy as possible, 3 years or so ago I decided to aim for cleaner air in our house.  I had been reading some things about the chemicals in your home’s air from carpet, walls, paint, stain, cleaners, etc…  Apparently this stuff is rather toxic to be breathing (ever hear of Sick Building Syndrome?)  NASA has been doing studies on how to keep air clean in space.  They’ve found that certain plants absorb certain toxic chemicals from the air.  So, I set off to buy a multitude pf plants, a few just because I like them, and most because they’re supposed to clean the air.  I have 20 plants, 15 in 1 house-central spot, and 5 scattered around the house.  It makes it easier to water with them all in one place.

I’m not sure it helped or not.  My son’s allergies and asthma seem to be much better in recent years, but I think the plants might only be a small piece of that equation.  On that note, I’ve killed 2 of my plants, and need to get some replacements.  Palms clean the air, but unfortunately don’t thrive well in our dry climate.

Anyway, in case you want to try it…

Later gators!

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