Breaking Paleo

So, my husband got bitten by a tick a few weeks ago and has had flu-ish type symptoms ever since. He’s on the mend, but not been hungry. I told him if something non-Paleo sounded good, he should go for it. He got a pizza and loved eating every second of it. Within a half hour or so, however, he got significant stomach pain and nasal congestion. He’s currently in the bathroom, and I’m hoping he’s ok!

It’s interesting to me that I started eating things on this diet that I never liked or never had before (some kinds of nuts, mushrooms, sausage, coconut, etc…) I never got sick. Re-introduce grain and dairy, and POOF, an issue. And this is in a man with no known auto-immune conditions. Sheeesh! What do you make of THAT?

3 thoughts on “Breaking Paleo

  1. Having spent a significant amount of time in the bathroom, he’s all better. I wonder if he’ll try that again!

  2. Something very similar happened to my husband not long ago. I believe that most people are gluten intolerant without knowing it. When they cut down gluten for some time, their immune system wakes up again, and works properly. So when they eat gluten again after a while, their body has the proper response for what gluten is: poison.

  3. I agree with you there, Eugenia, but I know a lot of people who disagree and still tout “properly prepared” grains. Not worth it in my mind. I avoid them at all costs!

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